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Animal Crossing Wild World Cheats - Summary

Animal Crossing Wild World cheats and hints should be used with discretion. Any kind of cheat or spoiler for any game can cause the game to become un-fun if abused or used escessively. This is a summary of some of the hints and cheats in Animal Crossing Wild World.

Blue Feather Donate 200,000 Bells to Boondox
Green Feather Donate 10,000 Bells to Boondox
White Feather Donate 1,400,000 Bells to Boondox
Red Feather Donate 800,000 Bells to Boondox
Yellow Feather Donate 500,000 Bells to Boondox

Mush TV Go to the Acorn Festival and collect 140 Acorns
Museum Model Be the roommate that donates the most amount of items to the museum
Academy Paper Sign up with the HRA, and your scores arrive on academy paper
Moldy Shirt Check with Gracie. If you are not fashionable she will attach a moldy shirt to her evaluation of your fashion trend

Grow fruit trees by digging a hole a puting the fruit into it. It is best to grow fruit that does not normally grow in town (if cherries grow in your town then plant oranges or pears). Foreign fruit is worth more money. Not every hole will grow a tree. It is best to cut down a tree and then plant your fruit in the hole it leaves.

One of the easiest ways to get more stuff is to attach unwanted items in letters to the animals in town. They will reply to you and attach something in return. This is a good way to fill up your catalog.

To get the final upgrade to Tom Nook's (Nookintons) you have to have a friend visit your town and buy something from Tom Nook.

To keep turnips from going bad, place them on a table in your house. Any turnips left on a table will be good for the next week.

If it is going to take some time to pay off your mortgage, leave your bells in the bank. At the end of each month you will collect some interest and this can be used to help pay your bills.


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