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Animal Crossing Wild World Guide – Golden Shovel

The golden shovel Animal Crossing Wild World hint can help you to get a little extra cash. Unlike a cheat it is part of the design and purpose of the game and is there for you to discover.

Getting the Golden shovel is the easiest of all the golden items in the game, and one well worth investing early on. Getting the shovel is very easy. All you need to do is buy a regular shovel and then bury it for 24 hours. Of course in order to dig it back up you will need to purchase a second shovel. However this means that you can also get a second golden shovel very easily by simply burying the second shovel that you purchased.

How does this Animal Crossing Wild World hint allow you to get extra money? Simply bury a bag of money with the golden shovel. Water the tree every day and in a few days it may grow into a money tree. This does not work every time, but when it does work you can turn 10,000 bells into 30,000 bells which is very nice.

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